Before I Die…

Here’s a poem I wrote last night for the Balafong Poetry Challenge. A mini-reflection on our relationships and taking advantage of life before death.

Appreciate me now, before I wither and die

Appreciate me now, before I wither and die

Treat me right…
Make me feel it before others do

I’m going to die a digital death
News on the internet even before my neighbour knows
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram beating Teletext
You’ll rush to change your profile pic
Before you let a tear fall
Making the world know how ‘shocked’ you are
How you’ll miss me and all the times we shared
I don’t blame you, won’t blame you
It’s the times we live in, I forgive you

For using my death to get more likes
More profile views, more retweets
Accepting messages of condolence
Responding to every ‘RIP’ with an ameen
Glad that you could remember me
Do that for me, even though I can’t see
I hope the prayers get answered
But now I hope for different

Treat me right
Make me feel your love while I’m still alive

Because it means more to me now
Than when I’m 6ft deep, a feast for worms
Can’t hear your wails, can’t feel your pain
Hug me now when we can share the pangs
Celebrate with me, let’s share a laugh
So when I’m gone and you write of missing me
There really would have been a reason to feel that way
So I ask that you

Treat me right
Celebrate me while I’m still here

For we never know what tomorrow holds
And regrets are the kisses death leaves when it’s done
Taking my soul, your soul, every man’s soul
Regrets for what could have been but wasn’t
Forgive my mistakes, I’ll forgive yours
For when I breathe my last, it would have been too late
All you’ll have is a picture of me, smiling
And memories that were never made
As you eulogize me on this online space

Treat me right
Before I die.


6 thoughts on “Before I Die…

  1. livelytwist

    Poignant and reflective of the times we live in. A recent death in my family meant we had to ‘contribute’ money towards a grand funeral. The total amount to be raised was probably more than the deceased ever received in her life time. I wished we had treated her right before she died.

    I think Eric is the reason you featured on my reader. I’m glad I checked you out. Will be back.


    1. linguerebi Post author

      You’re right. I’ve seen cases like that where relatives dole out huge amounts of money for a funeral when a small percentage of it could have helped save a life, especially in the case of deaths due to illness. I hope we all find and live with much more compassion and value for life.

      I’m glad you stopped by, as it’s also a chance for me to discover your blog! Looking forward to reading more from you.



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