I Am Sorry

I’m sorry…. Was all you said

Three words… cut short to two coz you needed to save your breath

Exhausted from the pumping and thumping

Making a way where there was none

Turned explorer, Cadamosto

Between my legs you yearned for moisture

Of whites and reds and clear liquids

Tearing paths and leaving scars

Sword cutting through, defying laws of compatibility

Your eyes reflecting power, dominance… your carnal ability

My eyes shut, my mouth gagged, screams unheard

With every thrust, every breath, you whispered…. I’m sorry.


I’m sorry… you still said

Darkness looms, pressure mounts, your voice fills my head

Within, around, deep inside, your thrusts are met with questions


For luring me into your room, forcing me into silence

For telling me you’d be my new playmate, give me a new toy

For taking the plastic from my hands, filling them with your leather

For cursing the sweetness out of lollipops coz you’d give me better

For bolting the locks, drawing the blinds and stripping me naked

For letting your hands roam, press, promising you aren’t wicked

For tearing me apart… skin, mind and soul


I’ll tell you what that is


I’m sorry you were sorry, for you knew not what to be sorry about

I’m sorry we weren’t discovered, I wasn’t rescued, my cries not heard

I’m sorry I grew up blaming myself for what I knew not

I’m sorry I have to live with the trauma, hot flashes, memories that refuse to rot

I’m sorry for my doubt… my curiosity… my self-consciousness

I’m sorry for my future of unstained sheets, unbelievable explanations, unusual hostility

I’m sorry for stories of unbeaten drums passed on to my daughters

I’m sorry for my daughters, that they may suffer a similar fate

I’m sorry because the world refuses to see,hear and act


This is what sorry means.


So when you trudge through the sacred valleys of yet another innocent one

Your breath coming out in low whispers of ‘I’m sorry’

Remember this… Remember me… Remember that…

When your deed is done, your thirst quenched

Sorry is the cloak you’ll leave us wearing.

Sorry, are we?

Sorry, I am

I am sorry!


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