RV Throwback: Letting Go Of Love

Today, I share one of the pieces I wrote and performed at Rhythmic Vibrations on June 29th at the Kairaba Beach Hotel in Senegambia. It’s an edited and better version (even if I say so myself) of one of the letters from my challenge last year, improved with Olof verses to suit the theme of the event. With love, from Linguere to you!

Letting Go Of Love

You came into my life uninvited
At a time when playing the naked cherub’s games interested me not
I had taught my heart to remain still – oblivious
To the ripples of the river of love…
I was young and naive – still
A bud in a world of blooming petals
In my solitude: safe
In my enclosure
I watched and I saw
Many hearts broken, many hopes crushed
Enough tears for a sea
Of bitterness, anger, resentment and pain
Chocolate covers turned to salty tissue papers
I watched it all unfurl
From the tightness of my bud,
And prayed never to bloom
Longing for the sunshine, yet
Fearing the storm that would sweep me away!

You worked your way in, undeterred by my resistance, slowly gaining favour
Aanda ak lerayu malaika ya, tek chi daraja ganyu hameh won yonent ya
Di wakh maye deyga; rawatina di deff, maye guiss
Goudi ak bechek, nawet ak noor, nga deka chi dabb suma banekh
Ma dila nyaakal kerrssa, nit nyi di laaj lorma torpeh
Nga feyeh ma nyaaka jom, jaapa rek tewa bayi… di sentu suma weche kub hol
Woyekat bi newon na hol ken du kor jenda, teh buye buga duye taagor
Teh doleh gui neh chi mbeugeul, di duga chi nit, diko defflor lumu teyut
Doleh gorgu mor ma worr, muur ma, daan ma, ma daal di jebalu
Baayi harit ak aanda ndor, jiital suma yaakar chi yow
Ndah Papi, yow momu laa don sett!

With you, I saw life in a new light…
I felt revived and renewed,
Reveling in the beauty of my rebirth
And so we became inseparable;
Comme nyaari hoh si biir kabaa…
Where one went, the other was sure to follow…
What had felt like a dream, now become the reality of my existence.
You dug a grave for the bad memories of my past
And for once, I felt safe; I felt respected
Like a miracle, I felt loved and like I could love again
For you were perfect… if only for me.

And then like a tsunami,
Everything suddenly took a turn, for the bad
Olof Njie neh ludut dega du waaye teh kuye nobu di naan, su maandeh fegne
Ma fechi suma e pass pass, gom neh yow rek yai waa ji
Johh la suma hol, waye suma njumteh wessu woul yakarr neh sa boss man rek maye borom

Saye jaloreh dohh dima feka si, ma fata suma e nopa, tek chi dorn silmaha, deka chi dilen weydi
Sunyu wahtaan jaffeh, deesor dorn hulor, suma jema ji dila hoñonlor
Saye harit ak aanda ndorr opa ma chayrr chi yow, guiss la daal di jaffeh
Nga omba jikoye kaakataar, sa weycheku doye ma kaymaan
Fechi kolareh, linyu dorn dunda nga diko boka ak kenen,fenen, neka chi lenen
Bayi ma chi lal-ub reychu, maye dundeh baatu suma yegoon
Waye bu ham dorn jiitu, dorm adama mucha chi reychu.

You encouraged me to share,
But not how to share YOU
Caught by the cherub’s arrow,
I had finally arrived at a belief
In true love and its power,
And here now, looking back
It turns out you were just another one of them
One who coaxed my petals into opening
To an appreciation of the Sun
And just when I reached full blossom,
Your rays turned to lightning,

The words that you spoke, to thunder
Striking at my core and exposing me to your dark stormy skies…
Trampling my trust and ripping me apart
So in the end all that is left is a weak stem
Stripped bare of everything
Yet, still harboring a tremulous hope…
That one day you’ll give it warmth once more

Waaye comme hol du oom beh nyu kore boss
And my heart was made to be loved, not broken,
Ma delor buum ba cha ngoii ngoii ga
Let go of that which still lived hopeful in me
Ndah suma mbeugel pour yow, bess niki teye

Aye fateliku rek laye dorn.






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