Yours Sincerely

I thought of writing a letter addressed to you
Got caught in this dilemma, didn’t know what to do
Cos you and me, we’re no longer intimate
The bond that held us close not any more legitimate
So I wondered if I should keep it cordial
Or perhaps just opt for the formal
But you see, that didn’t even seem normal

I was taught to start my letters with ‘Dear’
But that’s too much pain for me to bear
With your memories still near
And the truth in your words forever rare
Makes me wonder if you ever did care!

I pick up my pen and stare at the blank sheet
Willing my mind and my heart to meet
Come to an agreement to keep me rational
For the venom in my words was fully intentional
I threw a glance at your goodbye note
Left sticking out of your only coat
Why you left it here, I still don’t know
But in the bin, that crap, I’ll throw!

A few lines of everything and nothing
Jibber jabber, yada, yada, the usual stunting
Then you end it with Yours Faithfully
Scratched and replaced with Yours Sincerely
Got me thinking ‘Did he really?’
Coz in my mind, it’s nothing but silly.
Talk of sincerity while peeping at that other beauty
Eyes squinting, your member bulging
As you watch her pop, lock and drop it
Your being consumed by that heat
Got you weak, couldn’t stand on your own feet

You say faithful, I see hateful, despicable
Going around doing the unspeakable
Come back home reeking of her perfume
But my attention, you’ll greedily consume
On your face I read the evident guilt
And I refuse to be contaminated by your filth

So here’s my letter to you, Mr not so true
My heart’s stolen and I’m up to sue
The court of love won’t give me my due
Coz the guys over there don’t even have a clue
For my justice, my vengeance, Dear one-time boo
Is to keep smiling, keep living, keep loving… Not you

This is from Yours Faithfully, Yours Sincerely, Yours Ever… Once upon a time


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