Day Twenty: The One That Broke Your Heart The Hardest

You came into my life uninvited, unwelcome and at a time when I was least prepared
I had expressed disinterest, choosing to protect my heart from the crushing I saw around me
I was young and naive but not totally oblivious to the constant regret from those who’d walked that path
I saw bitterness, anger, resentment, pain and a lethal urge for revenge in some
True to their human nature, they could handle love, but not the heartbreak.
In reflex, I watched it all, and wished I’d never fall victim to the woes
I wanted the love, but it was the only sure way of ending up on the same route.
Thus I shut myself out and despite the sometimes lonely times, I was happy.

You worked your way in, undeterred by my resistance, slowly gaining favour
At first I was wary and tried hard to see through the facade that played before me
I’d been told that you were all the same and had held on to this belief long enough
Thus, I was confused when you turned out to be different… or so I thought
You were smart in proposing friendship to break the ice between us again
You were probably lucky to have come at a moment when I was at an emotional low
Realising this, you played saviour, always at my service, ready to fulfill my wishes
I built up trust in you and would turn to you for comfort when things got hard
You just took it all in, never complaining, always sharing a smile with all
Your charm worked, and I fell for it… cautiously at first and head-deep by the end.

With you, I saw life in a new light… allowing the thrills of love to overcome me
I felt revived, renewed and thankful for the experience… loving my rebirth
Soon, we were inseparable; two peas in a pod and birds of a unique feather
Where one went, the other was sure to follow, leaving a mark of our love each time
For me, it sometimes felt like a dream, only to be interrupted by your warmth next to me
I had longed for the perfect gentleman and had been served one on a bed of roses
One who knew what to say, do and give… when, where and how
Your strengths complemented my weaknesses and you hardly found fault in my actions
When you got mad, you’d stay away, for you never wanted to be seen in such a state
You embodied whole qualities and that made you the perfect one… if only for me.

Time flew past and I reveled in the beauty of what we shared
I had found my soul-mate and couldn’t ask for any better
You completed me and made me believe I did the same for you too
We opened our circle and let others in on our joy, in a bid to inspire
Together, we epitomized true love and pledged to restore the faith in others
When we spoke, it was more for the future than the present
You struck out the relevance of my gory past and helped me bury the memories
I felt safe; I felt respected and more importantly, I felt loved while loving again.

Like a tsunami, everything suddenly took a turn, for the bad
My presence irritated you and our communication hit rock bottom
You suddenly spent more time at work or with other friends
When I brought it up, you hastily dismissed it calling it just a ‘phase’
I willed that phase to fly past, so we could go back to being us
My questions gave rise to anger and heated arguments
I could no longer recognise you and I missed the man I’d fallen in love with
I wanted you close, where I had gotten used to having you,and never lost hope
Until I found out that you had replaced me with another.

You encouraged me to share, but never showed me how to share YOU
With you I finally believed in true love and the power it had on me
That same power that crushed me to the ground and destroyed my being
You left when I thought we had built a solid future together, just for us
You turned your back on our dreams, suddenly clouding my world
I broke my will and let you in… give you a chance and hope to be proven wrong
Turns out you were just another, turning me into one of those I had wished not to be
You trampled my most valuable gift to you: my trust
I’ve taken its pieces back and I’m putting my guard back up
This heart was made to be loved, not broken.


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