Day Thirteen: Someone you wish could forgive you

To All Concerned,


You see I grouped you all together, for I couldn’t think of someONE to fit today’s title. I have been alive for twenty years and some and still have many more years to live (somebody say Amen). In those that have gone past, I have surely offended a million and one people. Okay, I exaggerate, but you catch my drift. I can’t remember you all and can’t think of a single person I could actually go up to and apologize to for a particular offence. See, when I’m in a particular mood, I like to think that I am without fault. It only takes a slap back to reality to make my blemishes even more evident. Now on to the task at hand, going as far back as my memory permits me…

To the numerous primary school classmates who got mad for getting trashed in all exams…forgive me.

To the teachers I deliberately frustrated by feigning incomprehension just to ‘kill time’… forgive me.

To the mad man on the roadside that I chuckled at… forgive me, for I know better.

To that beggar whose eyes I avoided to save me the guilt… forgive me for I had little or nothing to give.

To that colleague who got mad at me for refusing to share my diet tips… you can forgive me too even though I have never been on a diet.

To the police officer I have rolled my eyes and probably hissed at… you can forgive me too.

To all those whose calls I refuse to pick… forgive me and pray that I get healed for my ‘phone-phobia’. Meanwhile you can send text messages.

To the Aunty, Uncle, Friend etc I couldn’t visit on my holiday… there’ll be a next time, but you can forgive me too.

To that woman at the Post Office, I’m sorry for the ‘F’ word, even though it was all in my mind… forgive me.

To the petty-trader I have managed to cheat of a few coins… you know I was young so yea, forgive me too.

To my mother and grandmother, forgive me for the many dalasis I have displaced from your ownership.

To my Twitter followers and ‘followees’, you may forgive me for occasionally striking a nerve. ‘It’s just twitter’

To my Facebook friends, forgive the random vain moments when I flood your pages with my images. Can’t help it 🙂

To my non-cyber friends, I know I’m definitely not the easiest person to deal with, but you all put up with my craziness, my random cheekiness,my unnecessary tantrums,my emotional turns etc and show me more love each time. I know you don’t even need this, but join the list.

To all Linguere readers, it is not always my wish to keep posts apart. Forgive me and accept these letters as compensation.

To the Fongites… oh God… well, for all the deleted posts, the constant tag reminders, the ‘cheeky’ responses and the recent flooding of your beloved group… you know I was just doing my job, but you may forgive me too.

To YOU who’ve taken time to click on the link and read this… forgive me for the not so brilliant post today. I know it. You know it. Let’s just understand that there are highs and lows and look forward to tomorrow. You know I could have gone ahead and published the initial ‘I’m so tired, writing is the last thing on my mind. I wish that you forgive me for missing today’s post’. Just kidding, you know you liked this!

Finally, to everyone I’ve offended whether it was to my knowledge or not, I pray thee forgive me. I’m only human and am prone to making mistakes. Next time, please let me know so I’ll do the apologies right there. To all those I shall offend tomorrow, next week or any other time in the future, you know what to do. FORGIVE ME!


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