Day Three: Your Parents


When I saw the list of recipients for the letters in the challenge, I thought yours was going to be the easiest to write. I mean, it’s for the parents and I could go all cliché and dole out heavy helpings of the love, affection, admiration and appreciation that always comes with talking about our parents. I could go on a never-ending monologue about how much you mean to me and how I’ve got the best parents in the world. Isn’t that what we all say? You brought me forth 22 years ago and have been there through it all. Growing up, I never understood the depth of your sacrifices. Most of what I observed was a mother jetting off to all corners of the globe, giving her time to other people, working to improve their lives. Sometimes, I would want to hide your documents so you could stay home for a long duration. The one time I had the nerve to complain, I was rewarded with a response that has stuck in and shall never leave my memory. I was still young, but it was a lesson that would go on to mold me into the strong woman I am today. Over the years, I have met and interacted with people from all walks of life. Some of them would wonder at my strength and the willingness to serve others, even at an early age. They would ask for the secret and I would smile, for there was none. At best, I would respond that I have been blessed with great women, whose legacy I am trying to perpetuate. I need not look far for inspiration, for you alone are enough to last me three lives.

I can never thank you enough or pay you back for all you’ve done, but there’s one thing I can do: pray and promise. Okay, that was two things, but you know your daughter too well and will understand that bit. Each day, I pray that God keeps you with us so you can reap the fruits of your toil. I pray, Ya, that He who created us will continue to bless you with the strength, ability and means to cater for all those in your care. He blessed you with two children, but in your time on Earth, you have earned many more, playing the role of mother to people you had never met before. It takes a real and selfless person to embrace that which is foreign and turn it into an important part of her life. I look forward to the time when you will stop providing and allow yourself to be provided for by your ‘assets’, as you once called us. The Wolof say ‘Lou judu si taaga, bou naawul jaahal e mbokam’. You have no cause to be worried, for when you prayed that we grow greater and better than you, God and his angels were listening. We haven’t fully bloomed yet, but the wise men can tell the chicks that will grow into  great cocks … or so we are told. We cannot promise you heaven on Earth, but we assure you that your head will be held high all the days of your life. Your babies, er ladies, will make you proud!

I will not say you are the best mom on Earth, but for me, there never can be better.  If I were to make a second choice, I will choose you all over again. Voila! There goes another cliché and thus, my cue to stop. I miss you and wished I didn’t have to be so far away, but I look forward to another holiday. You’ll realise by now that I’m trying to hint at a reconsideration of your decision regarding next summer, right. See you soonest Ya! I love you,my Linguere!

P.S I was amused at the interest in the recipient of the last post on Balafong. You people dig deeper than any forensics department! Keep trying!

P.P.S Tomorrow’s post is for a sibling or my closest relative. Family’s taking over, but it gets more exciting( read interesting) as the days go by.

P.P.P.S Er  yes. Good luck to the Barack! Just had to slip it in before rushing to school. We’re having a sleepover to simulate the election atmosphere and give American expats in Morocco a chance to have that feeling of home. I would have preferred my bed this night, but then I need the practice to live that dream! So America, we are with you tonight!



7 thoughts on “Day Three: Your Parents


    Really touched. May God The Almighty continue to guide and protect you all answer all our prayers and make us realise our dreams. Yalnalen Yallah def mag yu teki teh barkeh, ngen taka ni bidew, lafala chaat


  2. kodou

    My numero uno, you are blessed! What an amazing piece to your ya:) May Allah continue to answer your prayers and guide you through the journey of making your promises realities y insha’allah!!
    “I will not say you are the best mom on Earth, but for me, there never can be better” That is deep:) The first time I heard and fell in love with that line was from one of Aida Sambs song to her dad.
    Proud mother she must be:)


  3. myzzdiamant Post author

    Indeed,Kodou! Amen to the prayers. May Allah grant us all that we wish for.
    That song is one of my favourite from Aida’s album too. Thione Secka did a similar line in Mathiou too. It’s got great meaning



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