Day Two: Your Crush

Hello to He Who Is Admired(Loved?) From A Distance,


‘I wish, I wish, I wish’. Lol!

A few years ago, I had a very serious talk with my heart, for I did not like the things it was putting me through.  When I got its full attention, I said to it ‘Mon coeur, stop the crushes. They’re not healthy’. This was because I had lived a part of my teenage life nursing and nurturing crushes on guys, real and imaginary alike. The deepest were those I had for characters in a novel that would get me into deep thought. Now, my heart has a mind of its own, which does not usually align its thoughts with the mind of its owner. I would think that it would heed my advice and stop putting the both of us through the pains of yearning for that which might not be available… which is exactly what happened with you!

If you would ask the people close to me about my ‘ideal man’, they would quickly start ticking a list that would usually contain words like  smart, God-fearing, witty, matured, caring, patient, tall, dark, good-looking etc. My OSS would add ‘ a guy who knew his way with words and wouldn’t condemn me to a life of rectifying grammatical errors‘. Often, we wish for something and may even pray for it to be delivered just the way we want it. However, reality tells us that our packages would almost always miss an element… a string here, a broken handle somewhere, or even the wrong choice of wrapping paper. When it arrives, we accept it, hoping for compensation along the way. With you, it seems there’s not much need for compensation. You are THE package.

I’ve watched from a distance. I’ve observed your physical being and must say you are greatly endowed. Often, I’ve imagined myself tucked under those arms and reveling in the beauty of that thing called love! They say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and I would agree if only our judging doesn’t always prove us right. You came in a great cover…not perfect, but certainly close to perfection. However, that which is enclosed within that cover is what blows my mind away the most. Your wits captivate my soul and have me imagining conversations of sheer brilliance on dark nights, under the stars. Where others would scream and shout in the face of confrontation, I have watched you personify maturity, while guarding your dignity.  You have every reason to make your voice heard and boast about your awesomeness, but the humility with which you go about your affairs speaks louder and leaves a greater impact on the lives you touch. Your love for God and your constant quest to live a life that is pleasing to Him kicks out all fear in my heart. An old family friend used to tell me ‘When you find a man with the love and fear of God in his heart, you should be assured that he shall not hurt you‘. I don’t how true this is, but it has stayed with me from that day. You may think that I’ve decided to paint the perfect picture of you, omitting the flaws and focusing only on the positive points. You see, it is no fault of mine. When Cupid shoots and hits its target, he certainly blinds the eyes to all things bad, if only for a short moment. I have been hit so bad, and in my hazy vision, this is all I can see.

From watching, I know that you are in love… with another… and it dims the light on my vision of the future… our future, but I’m still happy. You look happy,and because I wish the best for you, I stay happy too. While I nurse this crush, waiting for Cupid to hit again with a new arrow, I’ll keep watching and admiring… from a distance. I shall not give up on you, for I believe in that which is called HOPE! You don’t have to worry about me making a visit to Pa Bouteille, so he can get you back on the ‘market’ and available to the highest bidder: me! No, I shall go on with my activities and be satisfied with watching, admiring and probably loving. 

Bou yorn jehul, wahusil dou jehh. 

P.S Day 3 is for the parents and luckily, I don’t have to shop for them or turn to fiction at some point 🙂 Adios!


4 thoughts on “Day Two: Your Crush

  1. kodou (@ajikor)

    Lol yea I am sure there will be few more to take its place lol. Out of the 4 u’ve written so far, its the fave ❤ ❤



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