Letter Challenge Day One: Your Best Friend

Dear twin/sister from another/ partner in all levels of crime/other half etc

We look very innocent here!

Isn’t it great that my first letter has to be addressed to you? It is symbolic in many ways for me. We have been known to be a rebellious and non-conformist pair, albeit discreetly and I had my doubts about taking this challenge. I felt I would wake up one day out of the thirty and decide I didn’t want to do it anymore. I’ve faced times like these often, but you were one to always keep me going, if not laughing it off and actually joining me in calling it quits. Thus, when I feel the need to let go of this challenge, I’ll refer to this first post and remind myself that I have to keep it moving, for the person it’s dedicated to is one of the few who believe in me even more than any other person.

Twelve years ago, God brought us together. It has not always been rosy, but you’ll agree the hard times made it even more worthwhile. Through the years, we have grown from being the ever-excited, innocent Ex-Pupils’ students to determined and focused young women.Our journey took us through Mr Tholley’s dreaded mental drills, the one year-spell at J.C. Faye, the crazy ride at Methodist, that unpleasant year at WAIS and a lot more. Remember our fights in Form 1 and Grade 9 when we ended up refusing to talk to each other? Making up again was awkward but the results were always sweet. Twelve years on, we’re still strong!

You know that person you could talk to about everything without saying much,but getting fully understood? The one you could spend the whole day with, roaming around the markets and having people ask if you are twins(I still don’t get the resemblance)? The one you loved so much, you’d get jealous when she spoke to other people(confession)? The other half of you that would make you look like a saint, because she’s crazier than you in all ways? Oh, and that one who would turn a scared high school student into a brave nurse(lol)? That was who you were and still are for me. You were the only friend my mother approved of and that alone was reason enough to hold on to you.

I held on until that July day, when fate had to separate us. I was heart-broken but had to stay strong for you. When others let their tears fall at the sight of your back in the departure lounge, I willed myself to smile, knowing we definitely will see again. I only broke down when I got home and realised you had truly left and I could no longer hop into taxis and ‘travel’ to your home to hang out. Distance has occasionally knocked a dent on our bond, but it can never really succeed in breaking it. We keep emerging even stronger and closer. I may not talk to you everyday, but I’ve always got you in my mind. Most days, I wish you were near, so we could face the world together,but you’ve made me understand that we can still do that across oceans and seas.

I’m sure of one thing and it’s that I love you. You have been a blessing to me and all who know you. Often, you were the bond that held the crew together, showing how awesome you are. I would give anything to be with you again,so we could go loco in our own special way. I believe it shall happen sooner than later and I really can’t wait. Thank you for being my ride or die, one of my favourite people in the world and my sister in all rights. Most importantly, thank you for being YOU, for I wouldn’t have you any other way.

When all else fails and the world feels bleak, you know I’ve always got your back. I miss you. I love you. I hope to see you soon.

P.S You may wipe your tears now. This, because I know how emotional you can get.

P.P.S Dear readers, stay tuned for tomorrow’s entry. Day 2 is for my crush. So while you wait for it, I’m going into (cyber) town to find someone to crush on.


6 thoughts on “Letter Challenge Day One: Your Best Friend

  1. wally

    wow this is beautiful the only thing that could be added to this am pray to the Almighty to keep your bond stronger than it was ever before…stay blessed



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