A Poem for Linguere

I sat late last night,chatting online and waiting for sleep to capture me and take me to the land of dreams, when a friend I’ve known for about 4 years now sent me a message to say he was writing me a poem and would send it soon. I was all smiles because,come on, it’s poetry and it usually leaves a beautiful feeling. He wrote and sent. I read and smiled then asked to share with you readers. Here you go!

A She called Dread

She invades my quiet moments
and spreads the fear
That which I have never known
My hands shake, my brain freezes
Even an expert with such a task
She makes me quiver and shake
My heart skips a beat, I feel the heat rise and my thoughts turn to her
My emotions shoot about, like fireworks on a 4th July night
She’s been known to me for days and years yet I still gaze
Take a pause and hold myself back…. Fear
I once heard tell
A rose is a maze, and it pricks
As good as it smells,
As beautiful as it tells
It so lets you bleed
As much as its layered
It’s still fragile
Is that why I stare,
Why I just gaze and stay
At this beauty rosy
That holds my heart to sway…



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