The Jollof Chronicles: Look What I Found

I woke up today, determined to clear my laptop of all extra stuff I did not need. It’s been giving me problems again and I’m afraid I would have to go format it if I don’t want to end up pulling out my hair as a result of its slow performance. Scouting through my articles, I found this poem I’d written sometime last year and thought it would be nice to share on here. Poetry is not my forte, but I’ve forced myself to always give it a try. Sometimes, it works perfectly. Other times, I just wanna crawl under my keyboard and hide. I re-read this one today and thought it was almost-beautiful. Over to you now! Let me know what you think 🙂


Stranger, Lover, Friend

A stranger you were once

And then love set in

So short was its life

It could have been ignored.


 Years have passed us by

Hours and minutes too

But that short-lived feeling

Has found its way again.


Sometimes it’s amazing

Other times unbelievable

The beauty of rebirth

And the hopes it lights up.


I rub my eyes

I slap my cheek

All to assure myself

It’s all reality.


Then I realise that

What I feel again

Are the same feelings

That never went away.


I tell myself

Everyday spent without you

Is one day nearer

To the day I’ll see you



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