My legs grew numb reading this. Wow!
Protect your girls. FGM may be a traditional practice, but it’s one we definitely have to do away with! Get enlightened and lets make a difference.

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Even though the World Health Organization does not include South Africa in the list of FGM practicing countries, it has recently been reported that it is practiced among communities living in the north-east of the country. 

FGM is one of the cultural practises embedded amongst the Venda community in the north-east of South Africa. At around 8 weeks or less after childbirth, Venda women undergo a cruel traditional ceremony called muthuso during which vaginal flesh of the mother is cut by a traditional healer. The cut flesh is then mixed with black powder and oil and applied on the child’s head to prevent goni (described as a swelling on the back of a child’s head). The Venda people believe that goni can only be cured using the vaginal flesh of the child’s mother.

Women who experienced this procedure stated that they bleed excessively after the ceremony but have…

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