La Petite Linguere

La Petite Linguere

It’s 1 a.m in Morocco and I’m just resurfacing from my hand-outs. I’m wearing the ‘exams period’ gown and it doesn’t look pretty at all. I take a few minutes off to check out my Facebook and got blessed with this amazing sight. I’m naturally thrilled by all things traditional/cultural and am very much drawn to Wolof/Serer culture. You can’t blame me, can you? LOL.  I came across this beauty on a friend’s Facebook profile and just had to share with you all. Splendid, graceful, elegant…at such a young age too. I call her ‘La Petite Linguere’. Hitting the sheets with this image plastered in my head. You all stay blessed and keep me in your prayers for another successful school year. 🙂


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