Read it.Loved it. Sharing with my awesome Linguerites. Let this be your ‘bit’ of reading today 🙂

Pa Ikhide

People are reading less these days, of books that is. In many homes, besides religious books and perhaps required textbooks, it is difficult to find books that are being read for leisure. We should not minimize the devastating effect on a people, of a non-reading culture. People should read. Actually, people do read, it is just not obvious. The reality is that books are competing with many other media for the attention of the populace. We have become afflicted by attention deficit disorders, thanks to the Internet. The Internet has barreled its way into our lives and changed us in mysterious ways. There are no boundaries that the Internet will not breach. It is relentless in taking down physical walls.

Let me concede that there are significant downsides to the increasing globalization of our world. However, if you ask my mother enduring what passes for life in today’s Nigeria, technology…

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