Changing Faces


I raised my head and saw him

He had this very striking face

Sharp features, pointed nose, high cheekbones

His mouth pulled in a thin sneer

An air of arrogance and a hint of vulnerability

And then it changed slowly…

A different face, almost similar to the former

Plump , a divine softness

Lips fuller, beard accentuating a sharp chin

Just above that, a moustache

A bit ridiculous, but still a gentle face

I moved an inch and he changed …again

One eye seen from the side

Lashes longer, nose ever-pointed

The beard grew bigger and the cheeks more plump

The lips turned up in a smile

Sly, but still warm

I blinked and lo ! A new face appeared

A Santa Claus look-alike

Tiny beads for eyes, forever cheerful

Chunks of white hair on his head

A full beard, longer moustache and more

A huge grin on his face

My lips curled in a smile

I snapped back to reality

The changing faces moving with the wheels

Those changing faces…

Were just a cloud in the vast blue sky !


5 thoughts on “Changing Faces

  1. Ebrima Jagne

    My first thought was,”did she write this?”, so I started looking for a citation.I did not see one, so wow!Sophisticated is the word that comes to mind!The photo is girly though,yet I felt the “the changing faces” were that of a guy..If you can keep to this level or higher, if thats possible, I will forever remain your Fan numero uno!


    1. myzzdiamant Post author

      Okay, so I’ll be knocking your head off for debating on whether I wrote it or not. Glad this one could pull off a ‘wow’ from you. I looked for the most appropriate photo but there was none of a guy with ‘changing faces’. Can I use you as a model? lol



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