Free The Tears Mister

I’ve been MIA for over a week now. School had been weighing me down and I almost crashed. I wrote two exams on the same day this week and came home completely drained out. Luckily, I’ve got 14 days off school starting today and you know I’m happy, joyous, grateful, super freaking EXCITED!!  I’m gonna eat, sleep, Skype, Fong, tweet and er, get fat(in my dreams). Somewhere in-between, I’ll work on the inevitable homework Professors have developed a habit of sending us home with. De toute facon, this was one long-awaited break and I thank God for it. *sigh*

So I stumbled upon this through a tweet and I got hooked from the first minute. Glasses perched on my nose, comfortably wrapped up in my blankets and munching some chocolate, I started from the very first post and will soon get to the latest. Yup, that’s how much of a freak I am for reading! Going through a certain post, I came across this picture and it took my breath away for a minute. Literally! 

Okay, you can stop staring now :-D. When I saw this, thoughts of my teenage-hood flooded my head. I remember conversations with the girls in school centered around our ‘dream man’. After the usual dose of adjectives describing my Mr. Right, I’d always add ‘…and I’d love it if he doesn’t feel afraid to cry’. Some of my mates used to think I was weird. Well maybe I was, but I was really serious. Society has molded us in such a way that we are quick to label as weak, any man who dares to express his emotions with tears. We believe it takes an amount of his manliness away and some go to the extent of losing all respect for the individual. As a result, our brothers tend to build up a strong resistance to the occasional urge to shed tears. The few that can’t control them make sure they are alone when they pour their hearts out. I find this completely ridiculous. Growing up as an activist with Lend A Hand, I developed a certain attraction to all things vulnerable. The mere sight of a crying person can bring tears to my eyes. Sometimes I scold myself for being too emotional. Other times I just go with the flow. It may sound crazy but crying is sort of refreshing, especially at times when we feel down and have lost (almost) all hope.  You may wonder why I wished Mr. Right would shed tears with no worries about who’s looking. When my mates asked me the same question, I had an answer all set for them.

I want my man to feel free around me; to be himself and express his feelings in all ways possible. I want to be able to reciprocate the comfort he gives me when I cry. I want him to be able to lie on my shoulder, enclosed in my warm embrace and cry as much as he wants. I want to place a gentle finger on his cheek and wipe the tears away. I want him to know that he might be the man, but he can always seek comfort in me when vulnerability knocks. Finally, I find it absolutely cute. 🙂 Crazy much? Not really. It’s just how I feel.

The picture just evoked these feelings in me again. Bref, I ended up on Google looking for more pictures of crying men.The ‘oohs’, ‘aaahs’ and ‘awwws’ from a chocolate-filled mouth punctuated my ‘hunt’.  Feed your eyes and maybe, just maybe, you’ll understand my weird fantasy. 😉

Eyes closed, tear running down his cheek. You can almost hear him inhale…

You know you just wanna lay his head on your shoulder and let his tears wet your top 😉

Et le ladies’ man Mr Songz increases the intensity… *sigh*

Cry on brother! Makes you no less of a hero

Celui-ci est trop mignon! Okay let’s do this together. ‘Awwwwwwww(w)’

*Sigh* (Is that the third time?). So fellas, neither be afraid nor let your hearts be troubled! Let those tears out when you feel like it. It makes you no less of a man. If anything, you get more cool points from my crew(does that even exist??). Ladies, you should know by now, that roles just have to be switched sometimes. Be there, give him that shoulder and let him cry you a river!
Will be back. Xx


7 thoughts on “Free The Tears Mister

  1. dizzle

    nice article. i laughed whn i saw the oooh aah owww lol…men cry bt mostly’ll find it hard to to see those who do it outside loud tho.


  2. alieu

    Yajama…..mind reader……..what else can i say….???? Which ever word i will use will be an understatement…keep it up!!!



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