Ibinabo Romeo for Nigerian Idol!

Yes! I know why you just went ‘WOW!!’. She’s a diva, in ALL senses of the word. Linguerites, meet the impeccable, magnificent and elegant songbird DEBORAH IBINABO ROMEO aka I.B. She is a Nigerian living in The Gambia and works with Unique FM.  To top that up, she’s got a great voice to match her great personality. She made it to the Top 30 in the Nigerian Idols Competition with an amazing performance! Now she’s pushing it and fighting for a place in the Top 10 and only YOU can get her there! If you are in Nigeria, she needs your votes to get her through. SMS 517 to 33680 NOW!!! 🙂 If you’re outside Nigeria, please spread to word to anyone you know out there. EVERY VOTE COUNTS!  You can check out her performances on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JU12iNonRI&feature=related and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDTZO0S-MXA&list=UUYQPV-qsQSewINzsPsfGYYg&index=2&feature=plcp .
Below, I’m quoting a few comments from her Facebook and Twitter pages ( with her permission of course). Words from people all over the world! You know this is real.

‘I.B is a lady who strongly believes  in her God-given talents of mesmerizing audiences with her Angelic voice, came all the way from Gambia to be part of the Nigerian Idol competition. I have heard her sing and watched her performances and believe she has the talent to be a successful star. Therefore my friends, I urge you all to be part of the support to retain IBINABO DEBORAH ROMEO by voting massively to keep her in the race by sending 517 to 33680 by sms. Voting starts from sunday(8th Jan) at 6pm and ends on Wednesday 11th Jan. You can watch her performance and get details of her and how to vote for her on www.nigerianidol.com. Text is N50 only and you can vote as many times as you wish.Please be part of this support group by by spreading this message to your friends and contacts.” – Ogika Amenechi

Subsidy or no subsidy, u don survive finish” – Charlie Boy (Judge on Nigerian Idol)

‘Just watched u right nw, u sang noni, performed noni , dressed noni, that is….the package was noni!!! go girl!” – Aurelia Mboyo

” RomeoIbinabo cutie you did great. I love the body movements, the ending was awesome. Thumbs up” – @TheryDiva

”Ibinabo frm Gambia..superb performance.” – @DuchessDebbs

” I’ll put my life savings on Ibinabo!!!” – @DarmieDon



Okay people! Need I say more? If you are in Naija right now, PLEASE pick up your phone and send 517 in an SMS to 33680.

The good Lord will surely bless you. He’ll make you bigger and better for standing by a sister! May peace prevail in Naija.

”One Nation bound in freedom, peace and unity”


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