In With The New: Welcoming 2012

So in a few hours, 2011 shall give way to a new year: 2012! Almost everyone I know is super excited about the new year. For some, 2011 has not been a very good year and they anticipate better things for 2012. For others, it’s been good but they also wish, hope and pray for a better year. Two different groups of people, yet sharing a common view for the incoming year.

For Linguere, it’s been quite an eventful year. I’ve had my fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve met people and made friends; I’ve crossed the first year of Uni with great success, despite the trying times; I’ve gotten closer to my family; I’ve drawn closer to my God, learning more about my religion; I’ve built strong relationships online with very amazing people. Then again, I’ve cried; I’ve called out for help; I’ve broken down numerous times; I’ve known pain, depression and frustration and I’ve lost people dear to me. Joy and sorrow, I’ve experienced; but then isn’t that what life is all about?

The third quarter of this year was, undeniably, the best for me. From July 11th to September 30th, I found myself in the midst of my family after almost two years away from home. Once again, I felt loved, appreciated and cared for. I felt at ease, knowing I was where I belonged. I was away from the troubles and pains that came with living abroad. God knows I was very grateful for this period of my life. One could easily feel the positive energy oozing from my every part, touching everyone I came in contact with. Endless smiles, loud laughter, a permanent glow on my face (Okay sometimes I felt down but it would last just a few hours). The beauty of life in itself is what I felt.

The last few weeks of the year have not been very favorable for me though. I’ve been down most of the time, struggling with one emotion or the other. I’ve broken down from the stress of schoolwork; I’ve gone through my worst weeks financially; I’ve lived through moments when I thought the life after this could come earlier for me. Today, everyone is very much hyped up about New Year’s but I just can’t be bothered. I don’t feel like doing anything big. I don’t feel like going out. I’ don’t even feel like dressing up just to spend time posing for my webcam; something I love doing when I’ve got nothing going. I’ve tried writing, but words have failed me. I’ve tried reading, but I just can’t connect even with my favorite authors. Yesterday, I was informed that one of my uncles had passed on to the next life. I’d just gotten back from school and was listening to the E-Info show as usual, when I got the message. Everything fell apart and I did cry. However, I was amazed at my strength and the faith with which I took the news. I thought of the last time I’d seen him in summer. His image was fixed in my mind. I thought of the young ones he’d left behind and tried to imagine what they were going through. I didn’t succeed, for I felt I would only understand if I were in their shoes. Pray, was all I could do for them and the soul of the faithfully departed. So pray, I did. Then I woke up today and realised it was the last day of the year. Somewhere in Los Angeles, my favorite uncle is getting married. He’d been very excited about it all, but I wonder if he would have as much fun as he would have loved to. I look back at all that’s happened and realize that life could have been better, but there’s no use having regrets. I decide that instead of complaining, I could be grateful. I should feel blessed and lucky, for many out there would have loved to have a year like mine. Therefore, I am grateful to God.

I thank God for the gift of life. For me and my loved ones especially the three most important ladies in my life (My mama, my grandma and my kid sis, Amie)

I am grateful for my family; the one I was blessed with at birth and the one I chose as I grew up 🙂

I am grateful for my friends. People I’ve met and people I talk to online everyday. In the latter, I’ve found ‘the ideal world’. A world where people really care. Well at least, they seem to and it’s wonderful.

I am grateful for the ability to learn, to gather knowledge, to work towards achieving my dream

I am grateful most especially for the third quarter of the year…again

I thank God for the opportunity granted to me to spend time with my loved ones

I thank God for Lend A Hand Society. Reuniting with this family was wonderful and I hope we see again soon. Each and everyone of you is special and I’m glad to know you all.

I am grateful even for the ridiculous internship I did with The Daily Observer. I wouldn’t say I learnt anything new there. Still grateful for the chance to see my byline on their paper. 😉

I thank God for Balafong. One of the best things that’s happened to The Gambia this year. The two ‘Word of Mouth’ events I performed at were really worth it. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. Check out Balafong  here. You’ll LOVE it!!!

Looord! I am grateful for the Internet! Yes, I mentioned the online friends earlier and I give it up to them again. I would name them all, but they are kinda sakan (numerous) . Y’all know yourselves and I just want to let you know I appreciate you all. Facebook, Skype, Google+ and Twitter. My tweeps take online friendship to a whole new level. Much respect to you all.

Lets see… I am thankful for my ability to rise over the struggles. The strong attachment to my faith and the final submission of all my problems to the Almighty. I’ve gotten closer to my God and hope this gets even better.

I’m thankful for Matta! Girl, it’s been 11 years and we’re still moving strong. I love you and will forever appreciate your frankness, genuine interest in me and the love you show me all the time. We have our crazy moments but they make me love you all the more. This has gone beyond friendship, extending to our families. It’s meant to be and there’s no stopping us. I miss you so bad and can’t wait to see you again.

Linguere is ever grateful for that one person. I call him ‘le grand’ (he doesn’t know this). He’s the perfect description of the whole ‘family by choice’ idea. Funny I got to understand the dynamics of the ‘chance vs choice’ thingy from him. My holidays were extra fun with him. Great memories I’ll forever cherish. Dude is like the big brother I never had. I sulk, I whine, I complain, I act crazy but he takes it all in. I go out and do something silly and the first thing that comes to mind is how I’d narrate it to him. I think of the six months we’ve known each other and it feels like he’s always been in my life. 3 words for you : I miss you!!!!

I have a lot more to be grateful for. Citing them all would take me a year and then I would have to be doing my list for 2013. They say ‘Count your blessings. Name them one by one; and it will surprise you what the Lord has done‘. I can never finish counting my blessings for I realised they’ve overshadowed the ‘misfortune’ and I have only God to thank for it all.

Now do I have a New Year’s resolution? Nope! Not me! Never have, do not plan to. I think the whole idea of making a resolution is overrated! Most people forget about them as soon as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. If you feel the need to change something about yourself, do it immediately. You don’t need the start of a new year to make a list of all the things you want to change. After all, we are never sure if we’ll make it. Hey, don’t get it twisted though. If a New Year’s resolution is what floats your boat into another 365 days, I say go for it. Make it, and better still, work on it!

I pray that the new year comes with more blessings. I pray for peace in all nations of the Earth. I pray for God’s mercy, love and compassion. I pray for the greater good of this world. I pray for you! That God will make your wishes come true. That He will guide and protect us all, forgive us our sins and grant us a life full of faith and trust in Him. To those that didn’t make it into the new year, our prayers are with you. May God the Almighty grant you eternal rest.

To you, my lovely Linguerites, I say thank you for being faithful to Linguere. Takes me a while sometimes to put up a post but the love and feedback I always get is enough to keep me going. Cheers to a new year filled with amazing things.

I wish you all a Happy and Blessed 2012. God be with you all!


16 thoughts on “In With The New: Welcoming 2012

  1. Jagne

    Jama you just got me through an emotional roller coaster..,A writing is a success when it evokes such in any reader!Am in awe..You see?This is why I said you’ve got to keep writing-You’ve got the magic..!Happy New Year Jama!


    1. myzzdiamant Post author

      Lol. I can almost feel your excitement oozing through my screen. Thanks bro. You’re one person I’m lucky to have met. You have a way of making me feel like heaven with your words. Merci bcp 🙂


  2. ajikor

    Once again you have delivered my dear! Great piece:)
    May your uncles soul rest in piece!
    It won’t be a “ya jama’s” day if you don’t take some webcam pics so please dress up and take few pictures b4 you call it a night:)

    And do not worry you are not the only one at home not doing anything. I am in bed dozing up on “love and hiphop.” It is my first new years eve without my best friend aisha so I decided to watch the show she’s bugged me to watch for sometime now.

    Anyways once again happy new year and I pray that your sensual, emotional and frenglish sides shines more this year so that you can create beautiful pieces that speak to your fellow linguerites souls! Amin to that lol.
    1 January 2012 01:36


    1. myzzdiamant Post author

      That sounds encouraging Kodou. Looks like I wasn’t the only one that had a lonely New Year! Wished my bestie were around too so we could get crazy, but the year looks promising.

      Keep checking in. I hope to deliver to the best of my abilities. Bonne Annee!!!


  3. Saitma

    Again you have done it. Thank you for touching our lives. 2011 was a fruitful year with blessings. I was blessed to come across Linguere and since then I am in love with it. Keep it up girl. Always gonna be part of it. I am waiting for Mas though.


  4. Fanta

    BRAVO Jama, you really do know how to write, this is a great piece and i enjoy reading every bit of it…. rip to your uncle n congrats to your favourite uncle…..


  5. Bernard Gomez

    Great piece!!!!!! I was forced to read it twice, stop for a moment to reflect on what you said and take a look at my life again. Can’t remember the last time I have such feelings from reading an article or a book.

    May your uncle rest in perfect peace.

    Happy new year to you too and keep writing in 2012. We cant wait!!!



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