So I went to class this morning only to find out the Prof was not gonna be there. I decide to sit around and wait for my second class, which also ended up with the same result. During the short wait, I decided to write something.  I am slowly making a habit of recording the time it takes me to write something. I glance at my watch and it reads 8:36 am. By the end it will read 8:58. So 22 minutes it is. I do not know where the inspiration came from, so early in the morn. It’s the first attempt at writing something like this but anywho (is this a word?), here you go!

He walks into the garden and I know it is him
I wonder if the ‘butterflies in my tummy’ are late
I know it is him, but where was all the excitement and nervous flutter I was told to expect
Then he spots me and I wonder if my butterflies had migrated to his tummy
He was tall, dark and handsome
Eyes like white almonds
Cheekbones set high and finely chiseled
Red lips so conspicuous on his dark face
Shoulders square, chest broad, arms so strong and perfect.
I longed for the moment when they would gather me like flowers
And hold my head to that chest.

He walks over to me and smiles
Oh what white teeth he had
White in red on black
My dream man
I stood up and he got nearer
I waited for the tingly feeling on my skin
Wasn’t that what I was supposed to feel
Then he touched my hand and planted a kiss on my right cheek
Or was it the left?
Skin touched skin…
Yet there was no burning sensation
I was losing my mind already
My feelings had deserted me
No butterflies, no tingly skin, no burning sensation where he kissed
The explosion of passion was absent.

We talked and ate, joked and laughed
Yes, there was a connection… but
It wasn’t charged with enough electricity
There was a pull from both directions
but the link was not taut enough.
He cupped my face in his hands
Oh those hands
So soft they could be mine
Yet too strong to belong to me.

He looked deep into my eyes
And we both got lost in each other’s world
Exploring, searching, discovering
Those eyes so white and perfect,
That told a story
A story of which I was the heroine
Still a connection between the two of us
And suddenly, the feelings rush in
Too many butterflies in my tummy…
I could be a garden
My skin was on fire
The excitement flooded my system
And I knew this was right.

Then he did it
He kissed me
A kiss so gentle,it could have been imagined
But this was no imagination
Skin touched skin again
This time, both soft and of the same texture
I melted into his being
My lips felt the fire, the pull, the hunger
It was all falling in place
It grew intense and we both yearned for more.

He stood and pulled me up to him
He grabbed my tiny waist, gently yet firmly
I arched towards him and our outlines fit perfectly
Each filling the spaces in the other
Lips still locked, Eyes closed now.
Each in his own world, and yet together in one world.

Then it stopped
Lips unlocked, bodies still merged
He drew my head to his chest
Ah! The sound of his heart beat
My cheeks touched his coarse bazin shirt
and I wished….
I wished it were skin touching skin
Bare cheek on bare chest
I lay there listening
His heart beat with a melody
The chorus to which was produced by my heart
It was happening to me.

He pulled back my head
And kissed my forehead
My dream had come true
As we looked in each other’s eyes
There was only one thing we both were sure of
We were made for each other
And destiny had brought us together.



6 thoughts on “Found!

  1. ajikor

    I only repeat a movie or reread a book or a post if it only captures and takes me to a place I did not go before! This one my friend took me to the lands of “white almonds”

    A kiss on the forehead!! All them guys out there, just so you know will take u an inch closer to a girls heart.


  2. habz dizzle

    u so amazing,am so omg impress…i can’t even express hw beautiful i think ur poem is…gurl u can make a grown man cry. so jamazing…why can’t i find the word to express hw beautiful i think ur poem is..jus like u..if u wrote a book, i wish i could buy all the copies and yeah i know thats selfish bt so what lol


  3. YaJama

    Thanks Sait. Keep reading. I appreciate

    Habib, lol I can feel your excitement. Okay, guess I gotta start working on the book now. Lol. I appreciate u dude



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