All of Nothing

I am lying in bed, bored out of my mind. I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google Plus but I still am bored. Ooops excuse my manners… How are you all doing? Assuming you all replied ‘Fine’, I’ll say ‘May God continue to make you fine’. This post is going nowhere. No direction, no theme, no objective, not even a title as I write this. We’ll see if it even makes any sense by the time we get to the end. One thing though… do get to the end. 🙂

I started school yesterday. From that time to this moment, I should have had five classes. Well, three of my Professors decided not to meet their rowdy bunch of 2nd year students, so I’ve had only two classes. I’m not even complaining. I needed the time off to rest. Voila, you know how they say ‘one thing leads to another’. ‘Rest’ has just led us to the third paragraph of this post. We are actually getting somewhere now.

You assume I’m back in Morocco and I’ll give u full grades for that. I got back on Saturday after a 6 hour flight from Banjul via Conakry. I slept for about 5 hours of this time. Food is out when I fly ( hehehe I make it sound as though flying is something I do every other week). I just feel I can do better than eat on a plane. You may be right if you’re thinking I’m crazy but I just can’t be bothered. Okay retour au sujet du retour au Maroc( that sounds bizzare). I’d say coming back was one of the most difficult moments for me this year. Saying goodbye to family, friends, places, food, sounds that I’d reconnected with was really tough. Being me, I had to act like it was normal; that I was strong and this was just another phase in my life I had to deal with. I succeeded up to a point and then broke down. I cried for those that I got very much attached to, held on the sad face for the brief acquaintances that managed to have an impact during the short stay and kept strong for the younger ones. Memories of my first departure came back. Everything felt exactly the same with my grandma telling me it was the last time I was going to see her and Marion crying out loud when she saw me pick my bags. Now you’d understand just how I felt at that moment. Amazingly, I did not shed a tear when I said goodbye to my mom and little sister. The reason, I’m still looking for. One of the guys at the Passport Control desk had my name stuck to his head after asking a series of questions about my studies and the state of the media in The Gambia. While waiting in the departure lounge, he popped up again and said ‘Ana Jama?’ . I smiled and replied ‘Mangi nii walie’. Then, ‘Baby Jama’, in a sing-song voice. Hello, I do not even know him.  Umm let’s just say my smile disappeared and I busied myself with scribbling nonsense in the small journal BB gave me.

Arrival in Morocco early Saturday morning and ummm ‘sufferation’ was already waiting for me. Apparently getting to Rabat on a Saturday afternoon was not the best of decisions. Lesson learnt for future trips. The campus administration was closed and the only official present wouldn’t allocate me a room. So yours truly sat outside with her three suitcases and handbag making calls to get sorted out. Finally the Director  let me crash in with a friend until Monday when they could take care of my documentation. I was too tired and hungry to fret. After a long shower and food, all I could do was sleep. Somewhere in the middle of this, I realized I had prayers to make up for. Now I hope the Almighty understood my condition then and accepted the rather fast prayers I did. They say ‘You do not know what you have until it’s gone’. I suddenly got nostalgic and wished I was home again, with my irritating sister, NAWEC’s blunders and all. At home, I was assured of food, water, accommodation and love no matter what day I decide to pop up there. Not just at my home too.  Well, things happen for a reason. Monday came and I got my own room. My room-mate is from Grenada and she’s called Jana. Yes, Jama and Jana are room-mates. We are the same age and she’s really nice. Light at the end of the tunnel? For this aspect, I’d scream YES!

So see how far we have come with the post that had no direction at first. It’s a new year in school and it looks like it’s gonna be very challenging. Well, I got a refill of determination and zeal from home, with a lot of people expecting great things from me. I dare not let them down. I dare not let myself down. I’ve decided to be more serious this year. Don’t get it twisted; I was serious last year. This year’s seriousness comes with a bit more maturity and sense of responsibility. Dedicate more time to studies. Use my Internet connection more for Research than social networking. My weekends start on Thursdays now so I could use that for as much social networking as I want. Sleep early. Eat better. Work harder( again). Let go of irrelevant things and concentrate on getting that paper in 2014. Seems far but I’ll get there inshallah. Bref, I’ve set new goals for this year and I pray God helps me keep to them faithfully. Who knows? My mama might get impressed again and decide to send me a ticket. Now I’m dreaming..but wait… dreams come true. My first class tomorrow is English Language. I was told this Prof is better than my first year Prof and I can’t wait. I promised myself I was gonna use English class to make up for all the short-comings in the other classes. Yup, kick some French ass! I ain’t bad. Just using what I got to do what I gotta do. Now I sound ‘ghetto’ and I should stop.

I’ll be back soon. Fii beh boba nak, naniou Y’Allah aar, musal niou thi leupp lou bonn, meye niou diama teh def hol yi don benna. Wa Salam.


One thought on “All of Nothing

  1. Saitma

    Amen Ya rabi yarabana…
    May God the Almighty guide you. May your dream come true..
    I hope ne u will be faithful to your set goals.. u cn and I am sure of that… bax na



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