Home Again 2.1 Loving mes vacances

Linguerites, linguerians, je suis de retour!!!!!! I am BACK!!!! Je m’excuse pour l’absence, mais j’etais pas vraiment en ‘mode blogging’. On sait ce que ca donne. Bref, I wasn’t really in the mood to blog, though the thought came up in the two weeks I’ve been off here. I’m having a really great time at home. Now who wouldn’t be happy being with family and really great friends, and of course feasting on the local delicacies?  Votre Linguere est en Paradis et n’a meme pas envie de rentrer au Rocma! J’utilise my very own Frenglish pour l’introduction today. Ah oui, un peu de changement, si vous voulez.  Parlant des nourritures gambiens, ca me rappelle qu’on est le 12 du mois de Ramadan. Weight loss galore! Improper eating habits come up et je sais meme pas comment je vais faire pour grossir avant mon retour au CAPITAL DE COUSCOUS!! Mais bon, 29/30 days of fasting is my aim, just like I did it last year. YEAAAA!!! J’ai reussi a jeuner pendant les 29 jours du Ramadan dernier. That’s exactly what I wanna do again this year. So help me God!!!

Et voila, on passe aux autres choses. En ANGLAISSSSSS, pour mes chers linguerians et linguerites qui ne comprennent pas la langue de Moliere. I have been very much occupied with loads of activities ranging from my internship(which I still haven’t blogged about in detail), family stuff, Lend A Hand activities and popping up sometimes at my now-favourite buddy and big bro-figure’s office( Hadn’t been there in two weeks tho’, pfff I deserved a spanking from le devil himself). I’m glad I’m doing all that tho’ because my life feels a lot more meaningful. I’m helping to raise awareness about a lotta things, especially HIV/AIDS. I had about 4 or 5 articles published on the Daily Observer newspaper. I did two radio shows on Sunday and yesterday. Great life!! I love it ….but then going back would be a whole lot more painful, difficult and  errrrm, I don’t even know. Well I’ll live the present to the fullest and let September worry about itself.

              Today Lend A Hand celebrated International Youth Day by organising an Interactive Clinique a la LAHS at the American Corner along Kairaba Avenue. The venue was packed full and Yours truly was kinda nervous. Why? She was chairing the clinique. All went well though and the participants engaged in very interesting, sometimes heated discussions on the various topics presented by our resource persons. At the end of the day, I looked at all these brilliant and enlightened young people and couldn’t help smiling. I know we still have a long way to go, but we are getting there. Lentement mais surement. Slowly but surely, like they say.
          Bon, I promised myself I was not going to do a long piece today. I find it very difficult to write short pieces. Five paragraphs is the shortest I can go. This is paragraph numero 4 and I’m definitely stopping here today. I’ve been immersed in The Writer Fashion Icon’s blog all week reading about fashion trends, humanitarian work and all. In one of her posts, I came across a photo of Waris Dirie and Liya Kebede, top models from Somalia and Ethiopia respectively. I recognised Waris’ name and Liya’s face and, CLICK!!, it all fell into place. DESERT FLOWER! That was it! This is one movie I’ve watched about three times and it’s Waris’ biography. Liya acts as Waris in the movie. I was very much interested in their stories, especially after watching the movie a fourth time. I decided to do a wiki and google search on the two and was very much fascinated by what I read. I’ll save that for the next post though. I’ve got nafila, a plate of mbahal and a perfectly chilled bottle of Malta waiting. A tres bientot mes chers.  Bises bises et bonne continuation pour le Ramadan. Puisse le bon Dieu accepte nos sacrifices. Amin! Ciao!

2 thoughts on “Home Again 2.1 Loving mes vacances

  1. Ajikor

    My best post from you so far! (Mind you, I have not read the recent posts yet) so this ranking may change:) I am not great with french but the combination with the English works for me! I don’t know if its the flow of your writing or me taking my time to get to understand the french sections hence getting into it more! either ways it works for me:)

    Cannot wait to read the ‘deaf dumb n blind’ post! I’ll have to read the previous ones first though

    Keep them coming cause you have a fan in me:)



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