Home Again 1.2

I was trying to do a piece on Balafong Word of Mouth 4. I wrote about half a page and erased everything. Am I crazy? No. I just thought I could do better than that. Seeing as it’s been about 2 weeks since the event, my memory has failed me. I wanted every tiny detail to be documented in my piece. I don’t want to give anything less than what the event deserves. Sad I couldn’t even remember ALL the acts that were performed 😦 I’ll TRY to do a piece on WOM 5 inshallah.

Today, I spent the whole day at the Independence Stadium’s Friendship Hostel, attending a training seminar for P.E teachers, coaches and Regional Sports Coordinators. The training was organised by SCHOLAR ATHLETES FOR CHANGE , an organisation that aims at promoting education through sports, with focus on basketball. SAC was founded by Pierre Jallow, a former professional basketball player based in the USA. The seminar marked the beginning of a 5 day camp, which will bring together students from various Senior Secondary Schools in the Gambia. The camp aims at enhancing the skills of all the participants in basketball and educating them on Sexually transmitted infections, the importance of exercise and healthy
living. This year’s programme welcomes a new idea! All the participants are expected to hand in one-page essays on their experiences at the camp. The best entries will be selected by representatives from three Gambian media houses, after which voting will be done by all the participants to select the ‘Writer Of The Year’ . This latter, together with the ‘Player Of The Year’ will be awarded prizes at the closing ceremony, scheduled for Friday, July 29th.

Tomorrow, July 26th, will mark the start of the sporting activities. I will keep you updated on the camp. I have another event to cover tomorrow, and hope it gets printed. Starfish Summer camp graduation ceremony!! Watch this space.

P.S To know more about Scholar Athletes for Change and its activities, click here. You can also check out their facebook page here. Thank you and catch y’all soon. HAKUNA MATATA!!!


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