No I am not going to calm down. I have got a million and one reasons to stay THIS excited for the rest of my life. EXAM RESULTS ARE OUT!! Guess what? SHE DID IT AGAIN!!! Now I gotta say I got loads better than I was expecting, judging from my previous grumbling on here. Oh well, I got ”mention assez bien”, which is absolutely great!
Good news #2 : I’m off to Gambia for holidays next week. Two months in Gambia!! Just what I need. I’m super excited, knowing I ‘ll spend my holidays without having to worry about rattrapages( In Morroco, students are given a chance to re-write exams they didn’t pass). I’ll have my two months all to myself. Well I gotta do a month’s internship, but I guess that’s gonna be fun. There’s Lend A Hand to look forward to. I’m also attending my first Balafong Word of Mouth event( was supposed to blog about the last one which I watched via live video streaming, but I decided to wait for the next so I would feel everything as it happens ). Then there’s a sort of charity organisation that I could help out with. It’s called Starfish International, and it’s aimed at helping Gambian girls attain the best education at the highest levels possible.  Noble cause? YESS!! I guess that would be fun too, if I get around to helping out. I really would love to . You could help out the girls too in any little way. Just click on the link below and find out more about the organisation. http://starfishinternational.org/

At present, I’m busy shopping for the last gifts. I was against the idea of getting gifts for anyone with the excuse that I am a full-time student, depending on my meagre stipend. However, the Gambian in me wouldn’t let me go back home empty-handed. Getting affordable stuff in the hope that the gesture would be appreciated more than the gift . Oh well, I got suitcases to pack and stuff to take care of. The next time you’ll be hearing from me, I MIGHT be in the mamaland eating bowls and bowls of ebbeh and all that good food I’ve missed out on for the past 2 years(well almost). I MIGHT pop up before that though.

Till the next post, HAVE A GREAT SUMMER 🙂


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