Lost again. Well this time I actually know where you can find me. Buried under my books, suffocating, dying. Okay so that was exaggerated. But really though, I can’t do any other thing right now. Now I hate my school for leaving all exams till the end of the year. Each week comes with its own dose, and I am struggling hard to keep up.
Weight loss again. YES, u guessed right. It’s what always happens at this time of the year, and those who know me know that’s very very serious. School goes out on Friday and I so can’t wait. Then i’ll have time to blog about all the sense and nonsense in my life. Yes , I’ll try to keep that promise.
In the mean time, I’m off to read for my Constitutional Law exam tomorrow. Wish me luck. So long!!!

P.S I tried som lil photo editing and this is what I came up with. Not the best but then,ndanka ndaka jaapa golo


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