Where In The World Has She Been Hiding????

Well , you all (that’s if there are any living beings that read this lol) have 2 accept the fact I’m an etudiante. I’VE BEEN HIDDEN BY MY SCHOOLWORK. For the past 2 months, my Professors seem to have ganged up against us poor ‘knowledge-seeking’ souls. An exam today, a test tomorrow and a presentation the next day. Should I add homework to that so my excuses will sound more concrete? Okay,  add a tablespoonful each of homework, reviews, resumes and discussions on world news. I feel your pity yhh. Merci beaucoup pour votre comprehension 🙂 .

Today I penned a horrendous test in International Law and my 6th sense tells me I shouldn’t expect much. Yes despite the fact that I tried to pull an all-nighter, which succeeded halfway. As I walked out of the hall, I realised it was the weekend already and that I was freeeee! How sweet the sound of freedom is in the ears of the captive (okay so that’s my own version of the Christian saying) . I planned to get home and dive (literally) into my bed, pull the covers up and regain the week’s lost sleep. Gurl gets home, brings out PC and you can guess the end of the story. I’ve been going in and out of websites all day and I don’t seem to be stopping soon. So I decided to show some love to my blog before it garners a feeling of abandonment.

My niece and cousin Ndey Aaly Cham has got this cool blog that you all need to check out here . Going through her blog list I stumbled across another Gambian blogger. She’s called Ya Haddy Sallah. Face is kinda familiar (blame it on school relations) but I don’t really know her. Now with every post of hers I could feel myself maneuvering her plume. She spoke directly to (and maybe at) me. I loved every bit of her blog and I’m sharing the link on here. Go check it out.

And now I take my exit. Coming back soon!


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