Out Of Nowhere!

This was penned during English class. I gotta say it’s the slowest of my classes. Imagine a 1st year Uni student learning QUESTION TAGS AND PHRASAL VERBS. So you can only imagine the intensity of my boredom. When I couldn’t take it anymore I turned to the last page of my bloc-note and wrote ” My school tantrums. hate or love. Cela m’est egal” . And then a short write-up;

And they call it English class
Their language use is lethal (seriously)
The class is extremely boring
And my Professor, oh the man.
His voice is pulling at my last nerves
When he finally manges to reach my apex
I swear! Oh how I swear!( okay I exaggerate)
No-one in this whole class
Is gonna be able to support my tantrums.

my eyelids keep drooping(poor them)
But I jump up real fast
As soon as he opens his mouth
All I wanna do now ( naughty)
Is go right up to his tall frame
And tell him to tone it down
And then walk out to my crib
And sleep sleep sleeeeeep!!(!) Zzzz

Lol! After writing this I felt better. Don’t judge me though. I’m a really good student but like you know, everyone has got these moments in class.


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