Here Comes Another!

So Linguere is hot today. Guess she’s tryna make up for all the lost time. I gotta let you know I’m studying in Morocco (yhh I know I already said that ). Here I’m obliged to study in French. It’s a complete nightmare after having to learn the language intensively for only 6 months. I am not the happiest of students as at now, given my language handicap which prevents me from being the talkative student that argues out every point with the Profs. w hen I go to school, I always have this heavy feeling in my heart. You can’t imagine what it feels like to have an opinion and not be able to voice it out. I gotta admit I write French better and if only I could sum up the confidence my speech would go places. But then my English accent is very conspicuous when I speak and some of the words just don’t come out right. If you know Jama, You’l know I don’t take well to criticism, being laughed at or failure. I always have a feeling that my classmates look at me like I’m dumb or stupid or something.  In class, on the same day I wrote the English class thingy, I decided to write a few lines about this. Inspiration: I wrote an exam and made a grade I presume to be the highest in the class, together with my friend from Senegal. Here goes>>>
So you thought I couldn’t do it huh!
well, there you have it right in your face
If only I were a lil’ bit more serious,
None in this class would be my contender
I got the brains baby
I got my parents’ blessings
I got trust in myself
And hey, in case you didn’t know
Allah, my God, loves me.
He is not asleep
He has never let me down
And my feelings just whispered to me
That He ain’t ever gonna let me down
You wanna know why??
Coz I live my life for Him
I worship, praise, glorify, trust and depend entirely on Him for my success.
Swallow that!!

Lol!! A rebellious spirit but as usual, writing made me feel better. I am not the type to tell people about my problems, even when they ask. So the nearest pen and piece of paper are sometimes unlucky to receive the force of my rants .


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