Linguere Is Back

I have been away for a while now. Hidden by schoolwork lately and can’t find enough time to come on here. I decided to experiment with poetry and have achieved lovely, not so lovely, and completely failed ones . I share this one I penned during a stolen 5 minutes in French class. J’espere bien que vous l’aimez!

I ask, but get no answers
I knock, but the doors are not opened
I scream, but my voice is not heard
I cry, but my tears are not seen.
I pray, but the Heavens do not open up
I wish, but the sky is void of shooting stars
I talk, but no-one seems to listen
I walk, but without destination.
I feel lost
I feel empty
I feel rejected
I feel destitute.
Hopelessness is what I breathe
It is the constituent of my tears
There is no-one to wipe them away
My closest have deserted me
Yet I still knock and still ask
I still scream and still cry
I still wish and still pray
I still walk and still talk.
My voice shall be heard again
Soaring over oceans and seas
Echoing over hills and mountains

When Hope finally smiles on me again.



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