Proud Proud Proud!!

Okay so let’s say I’m back too soon, but I just couldn’t help it.I should be in bed right now, getting some sleep so as not to go through the struggle with my blanket in the morning. I prefer that though. I just had to see it come in. I had my screen on with the figures on countdown.And at exactly 00:00 it came on.

Yes baby Balafong is born and yes its keys are producing the kind of music that brings tears to my eyes. I can’t even describe the feeling but I assure you its BEAUTIFUL. The site is just what I was expecting. Cool layout, simple steps, the decor so peaceful it takes away your troubles. Show me a site that is rich in material from the first minute of its inception and I’ll show you BALAFONG.
The comments on the Facebook page finally brought the tears down. You just have to be there and feel it to understand my emotions.

I say BRAVO to the Balafong team. More grease to your elbows, Kudos, and all the other words of encouragement we would normally use. Let’s see the young writers take it up on the world stage. You gotta be proud to be Gambian. And now I’m off to go hit on the keys of my Balafong


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