So I Decided To Start Blogging!!

I have been putting this off for a while now. Today I woke up with soooo much energy. I dunno why but lately I have been very down. Yesterday(more like the wee hours of this morning), I woke up with a start and realised I was dreaming. A dream where I saw a dead neighbour, saying something bout giving back our lives to God. It was soo clear, I was getting scared. I said a silent prayer and went back to bed.Guess what? Another revelation. So this time I decided to get up completely coz I could no longer get to sleep. I decided it was time to be BORN AGAIN. Don’t get it twisted. Being born again doesn’t only mean changing your religion. It means drawing yourself closer to your God, practising your religion and experiencing the wonderful journey of FAITH. I have been doing all that, 5 daily prayers(though not all of them at the right time), fasting both during Ramadan and on other days(Mondays and Thursdays to be precise), giving out charity when I can afford it, being kind to my neighbours e.t.c
This kinda gave me some light . I have been happy all day. I feel a different energy. I feel HOPE  and LOVE  flowing through my veins.  So I thought what better time to start the blog and share my thoughts with the world. So here it is. Its a mixture of everything. Anything that comes to mind and I deem fit to share will be posted.
I hope its worthwhile and that it would help make a positive difference.
MyzzDiamant ❤


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